Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully these Terms and Conditions of use of Placard.co.mz, the Game Platform and Software which are binding between you – the Player – and the Management Association of Social Games of Mozambique – SOJOGO (hereinafter “SOJOGO”), with headquarters at Avenida Samora Machel, No. 11, 1st Floor, Maputo, Mozambique, NUIT 400 131 163, which operates under the trademark “Placard.co.mz”. Attention: Placard.co.mz is forbidden to people under 18 years old

Please ensure that you fully understand the content of this Agreement, before accepting its terms.


By clicking the “Register” button you are entering into a contract with SOJOGO and you acknowledge that you have read and accept:

  • (a) the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Gaming System,
  • (b) The Privacy and Cookie Policy;
  • (c) the Sports Betting Rules; and
  • (d) the Responsible Gaming Policy.

If, according to the access device, the visualization of these Terms and Conditions is not the most appropriate, you may contact SOJOGO, requesting that they be sent by e-mail to apoio@placard.co.mz.


If you do not agree with some or all of the terms of this contract, do not click on the “Register” button. In this case, you should exit Placard.co.mz and not use the game platform.


The following words and terms, when used in this Agreement, shall have the following meanings (unless the context clearly indicates otherwise):

  • Wager
  • Amount wagered by a Player Account holder.
  • Player Account
  • A single personal account – belonging to one Player over the age of 18 and corresponding to one individual person’s registration process – maintained with SOJOGO to enable that person to play and wager online.
  • Deposits
  • Any transfer of funds made by you into your Player Account through a Payment Service Provider.
  • Winnings
  • All earnings of a Player Account holder.
  • Governing Law
  • This Agreement and all activity relating to it, including accessing, viewing and using this Agreement is subject to the laws of Mozambique and in particular the laws, regulations and instructions relating to online gaming, social entertainment and betting.
  • Withdrawals
  • Any transfer of funds from your Player Account to the Payment Account held by you.
  • Username and Password
  • The username and password chosen by Player upon registration at Placard.co.mz.
  • We/Our
  • Payment Service Provider
  • A company that through a Payment Account allows the execution of payment transactions (deposit, transfer or withdrawal of funds).
  • Regulator
  • General Gaming Inspection
  • Gaming System
  • The software – licensed to and managed by SOJOGO – which shall be used by the Player for his gaming and sports betting activity (Gaming System), including any program or data file derived therefrom, as well as any related documentation, notably any improvements, modifications, additions, translations or updates to the said Software.
  • You
  • Any references to “user”, “client”, “player”, and/or “your”, refer to you, the Player, registered on Placard.co.mz.


2.1 This Agreement covers all agreements between you and SOJOGO that relate to the use of the Game System (real or demo online gaming and betting, without recourse to money), and your Placard.co.mz in general. The Agreement includes, in addition to these Terms and Conditions of Use of the Gaming System and Placard.co.mz, the Privacy and Cookies Policy, the Betting Rules and the Responsible Gaming Policy.

2.2. Player understands and accepts that there may be separate, specific conditions attached to certain events, wagers, games, promotions, bonuses and special offers, in addition to this Agreement and of which Player will be informed in advance. In particular, where applicable, the Agreement may include bonus policies in force at certain events and times. In the event of conflict between the specific provisions of such betting, events, promotions, bonuses and special offers and the provisions of this Agreement, the special provisions shall prevail.


2.3 Player shall not transfer to any third party his rights under this Agreement.


3.1. SOJOGO is a Mozambican non-profit organization created in partnership between ELAM (Empresa de Lotarias e Apostas Mútuas de Moçambique) and SCML (Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa) , which is entrusted with the management of Lottery and Betting operation in Mozambique.


3.2 The brand Placard is a brand assigned to SOJOGO and the brand Placard.co.mz is a brand owned by SOJOGO. Both brands have their rights reserved.


Personal Limitations:

4.1 Only those 18 years of age or older may use Placard.co.mz. Under no circumstances is a minor allowed to use Placard.co.mz.

Access Limitations:

4.2 You may not make use of the Gambling System, register, make deposits or commence gambling activity if you are a resident of a territory or jurisdiction identified as being one of the jurisdictions in which the use of our online gambling and betting Services is illegal or contrary to any applicable regulation or legal order (“Prohibited Jurisdiction”). It is your responsibility to ensure that this is not the case. SOJOGO reserves the right to suspend your account on a precautionary basis if the Account was created, or is being used, from a Prohibited Jurisdiction. For further information, please contact Customer Support.

4.3 Not all countries/jurisdictions allow their residents to gamble online. It is solely your responsibility to determine whether your use of the Game System is legal according to your particular circumstances and the jurisdiction that applies to you.

4.4 SOJOGO does not intend or permit you to use Placard.co.mz and the gaming platform if such use is illegal in your particular circumstance.

4.5. The fact that you are able to access does not mean that you are authorised to play. The availability of Placard.co.mz does not constitute an offer or an invitation to use the Game System in a jurisdiction where such use is illegal. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are able to play, without prejudice to SOJOGO’s legal obligations and the control mechanisms it has in place to control access.

4.6 If your use of the Player System is not permitted in your jurisdiction or under Applicable Law, you may not access, play, deposit or withdraw any Winnings resulting from such prohibited use. Your actions will be void.

4.7. SOJOGO cannot be held liable for Player misuse in jurisdictions other than Mozambique, namely jurisdictions listed as Excluded Territories and any jurisdiction where online gaming and wagering is not permitted.

4.8. The Player undertakes to notify SOJOGO immediately if he falls under any of the situations or limitations mentioned in this section.

Activity Limitations:

4.9. The Player understands and accepts that online gambling and betting are not a professional activity, but a recreational and responsible activity, whose legal framework includes namely and in particular the IGJ, the criminal and misdemeanour legislation, the legislation to combat fraud, terrorism and money laundering.

4.10. Within the legal limits, and within the scope of suspected participation or involvement in behaviours contrary to the legal framework and the online gambling and betting activity, SOJOGO reserves the right to fully cooperate with the Regulator, police, judicial and other authorities, including governmental authorities, inter alia by:

  • (a) reporting and supporting the investigation of illegal activities on Placard.co.mz, including, but not limited to, illicit or criminal activities, fraud, collusion or manipulation of events and results, in which the Player has any kind of involvement;
  • (b) Giving information about any activity that SOJOGO suspects to be illegal, fraudulent or improper, and the Player shall fully cooperate in supporting the investigation of such activities;
  • (c) Suspending or blocking gaming activity in the course of the above investigations.

4.14. SOJOGO will proceed to suspend the Player Account and the inherent seizure, as a precautionary measure, of the balance of the Player Account, if any activity that may be considered fraudulent and not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions – “fraud event” – is observed at the time of Registration or use of the Player Account.


Fraudulent events” are behaviour resulting in the following or strong indications of:

  • (a) Use of multiple accounts: multiple accounts opened in the same name or otherwise referring to the same person;
  • (b) Use of a third party’s identity or Player Account in the name of a third party;
  • (c) Misuse of payment means (stolen cards, suspicious financial deposit movements, repeated attempts to exceed the daily limits of the payment systems or defined by SOJOGO, etc.) or irregularities in the proof of ownership of the Payment Account;
  • (d) Violation of personal limitations; and
  • (e) Violation of jurisdictional limitations.

Following any of the above identified “fraud events”, and upon further analysis, SOJOGO may lift the suspension or proceed to the Cancellation of the Account upon prior or concurrent communication to the IGJ and, as to the change of status of its Player Account, to the Players concerned.

Specifically, in the event that the operator detects or has evidence that a Player has more than one Player Account open on Placard.co.mz or uses/hosts or has a gaming activity through a third-party Player Account, it may, upon notification to the IGJ, and in view of the “fraud events” mentioned above in sub-paragraphs a) and b)

(a) proceed to the immediate and temporary suspension of the Player Accounts involved, with captivation of the respective balances, until the existence of said infringement is ascertained or confirmed;

(b) proceed to cancel the Player Accounts involved if the events of fraud are confirmed, reserving the right to withhold, as a precautionary measure, the balances of the Player Accounts involved.

In case of supervening verification of prohibition to play (e.g. violation of personal or jurisdictional limits), SOJOGO will immediately proceed to cancel the Player Account.


5.1. SOJOGO only allows access to your Placard.co.mz through secured networks using the encryption of the Username and Password you choose at registration. You cannot gamble on Placard.co.mz without going through the security login.

5.2 The use you make of Placard.co.mz is strictly limited to a private and personal use. Placard.co.mz may not be used for commercial purposes or in the name or on behalf of another person.

5.3 Each Player may only have one Player Account. In registering for Player Account you must state your full name precisely and provide such other identifying details as are requested.

5.4 Each Player Account may have only one holder. SOJOGO reserves the right to close any other Player Accounts created under the same name or referring to the same person.

5.5. Player must keep Player’s Username and Password confidential and take all reasonable measures to ensure their security, including (i) using the Player’s Username and Password only as required by law

(iii) not assign the Username and Password to a third party, (iv) memorise the Username and Password, not write it down, especially in a way that is intelligible or accessible to a third party.

5.6. Entry and validation of the Username and Password assumes that you are the Player holding the Player Account, and you will be responsible for all activities and transactions conducted on your Player Account. If someone else logs on to your Account using your correct Username and Password, SOJOGO will assume that you have logged on and all transactions where the Username and Password have been entered correctly will be regarded as valid.

5.7. SOJOGO is not responsible for third party access to your Player Account and shall in no event be liable for any losses incurred by the Player as a result of misuse of your Username and Password by any person or for any unauthorized access to your Player Account.

5.8. You may not use anyone else’s Username or Password, and you may not use any other person’s Player Account or means of payment to access or use Placard.co.mz.

5.9. SOJOGO uses advanced methods for the encryption of Username, Password and any other sensitive information that is transmitted to and from the User application to our servers, thereby safeguarding itself and the Player from manipulation attempts by a third party. The User may not break, enter, access or even attempt to break, enter or access the security barriers. Should SOJOGO suspect that you have attempted to or may be attempting to break, enter, access or otherwise bypass our security, SOJOGO reserves the right to terminate with immediate effect your access to Placard.co.mz and/or to block your Player Account, and SOJOGO – as a consequence – may inform the relevant authorities.

5.10. Within the limits of Applicable Law, the Player shall indemnify and hold harmless officers, directors, employees, agents, subcontractors and suppliers (including but not limited to the Software Provider) from all losses, costs, expenses, claims, actions, liabilities and damages (including reasonable fees), however caused, that result from (a) the access and use of Placard. co.mz, the Game System by Player or any other person using your Username and Password; or (b) breach of any of the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.


6.1 By registering, the Player warrants and represents that:

  • (a) you are not a resident of any territory or jurisdiction where online gambling and betting is prohibited and that you are not attempting to access or use the Gaming System or Placard.co.mz from any such jurisdiction or in violation of Applicable Law, including by using VPNs, proxy servers or any other similar method used to manipulate your actual location;
  • (b) You are acting on your own behalf;
  • (c) You are a natural person and you are aware that the creation of accounts by legal persons or robots is prohibited
  • (d) You are over 18 years of age and you will not assist any minor to register for, or use, a Player Account.
  • (e) You are not limited in your legal capacity, incapacitated or debarred;
  • (f) All information and documents provided in the Player registration is complete, true, current and correct and that you will update the information in the event of any changes to the same;
  • (g) you are fully aware that there is a risk of losing money by using the website for sports betting
  • (h) You are not depositing funds originating from criminal and/or illegal and/or unauthorised activities
  • (i) You are not otherwise conducting criminal or unlawful activities and/or intending to utilize the Player Account in connection with such activities; you are not using or intending to use or intending to allow any other person to use the Player System or Player Account for any prohibited or unlawful activity, including but not limited to, fraud or money laundering, under any Applicable Law or that of any other relevant jurisdiction;
  • (j) You are not colluding or attempting to collude and are not intending to participate, directly or indirectly, in any collusive scheme with any other Player in the course of any betting or gaming;
  • (k) The bank and debit/credit card details supplied in the registration process are your sole and exclusive cardholder and that the card has not been reported as lost or stolen;
  • (l) You have never held a Player Account with SOJOGO or any other online gaming operator which has been suspended or disabled for breach of Applicable Legislation or the applicable TERMS AND CONDITIONS
  • (m) You have not in the past made any chargebacks on any Player Account;
  • (n) You do not already have a Player Account with Placard.co.mz;
  • (o) You may not sell, transfer and/or acquire Player Accounts to and from other Players;
  • (p) You are unable to transfer funds between Player Accounts.
  • (q) You are not currently self-excluded or prohibited from playing – voluntarily or judicially – under any Applicable Laws.
  • (r) During the period of validity of these self-exclusion and self-protection mechanisms provided by the Applicable Legislation, did not attempt to circumvent, in particular, financial limits in the course of any bet or game;

6.2 SOJOGO reserves the right to take action against the Player in cases where the guarantees and commitments referred to above are breached or violated.


7.1 The online gaming and betting activity is only possible after registration and creation of the Player Account which is individual and non-transferable.

7.2 To register, and in compliance with the Applicable Law, will have to fill out the registration form available at Placard.co.mz, in any of the versions available. The Player shall provide all information and / or documentation requested by SOJOGO in the registration / opening of Player Account. The Player declares that all information he provides is complete, accurate, current and true and corresponds to that contained in the identification document used to register as well as to other supporting documents that he is legally required to provide.

7.3 The registration as a player becomes effective only after verifying the identity of the Player and confirming the inexistence of a ban to play, from which moment the Player can begin to practice online gaming and betting.

7.4 SOJOGO is legally obliged to verify the information transmitted by the Player. Therefore, SOJOGO may request information and/or documentation, in particular proof of identity, proof of address and bank details and/or references and may require certified documentation. The Player must provide SOJOGO with the information and/or documentation immediately upon request or within the time period granted. All copies must be legible.

7.5. The Player may not make withdrawals if the Player’s personal and banking information is not verified by documentary evidence which the Player must send to SOJOGO at the time of registration, or at the latest, at the time of the first deposit.

7.6 If any of the details provided at the time of registration are found to be inaccurate, your Player Account may not be created and you must complete the registration process again to ensure the accuracy of the details to be entered. Inaccuracy of data or failure to provide required documentation may delay validation of your identity or balance transfer.


8.1. Once your Player Account has been created, Player may credit funds to your Player Account.

8.2 Player may make Deposits solely by any of the following payment methods:

  • (a) through a Payment Service Provider accepted by SOJOGO; or
  • (b) by any other method deemed acceptable at the sole discretion of SOJOGO.

8.3 The minimum deposit set by SOJOGO is 10,00 MZN (ten meticals) to commence play and wagering. SOJOGO may change this minimum by giving prior notice to Players – either directly or by amending these Terms and Conditions. It may also, in the same manner, set maximum deposit amounts.

8.4 Loans to play are not allowed and Player must at all times have sufficient funds in his Player Account to place wagers. The Player’s balance must never be negative. Gambling on credit is prohibited by Applicable Law.

8.5 SOJOGO, as well as its respective governing bodies, employees and other contributors are prohibited from granting loans or making available, directly or indirectly, devices which allow Players to lend to each other.

8.6 The Players’ balances are protected. As provided by the Applicable Legislation, SOJOGO has provided guarantees to the Regulator for compliance with legal obligations, namely the payment of the estimated balances of the Player Accounts.

8.7 Each request by the Player to transfer funds to his Player Account shall constitute a valid authorization for – as applicable – SOJOGO or the Payment Service Provider to transfer the amount specified in such request to his Player Account.

8.8 Player further agrees not to make chargebacks or renounce or cancel or reverse any of his or her Deposit orders, but, in any such event, agrees to refund and compensate such unpaid Deposits, including any expenses incurred by SOJOGO in the process of refunding his or her Deposit.

8.9 SOJOGO shall be entitled to ascertain whether the funds that Player has requested to be credited to his Player Account are available, which will be upon receiving satisfactory confirmation from the Payment Service Provider. Only when your Deposits have been validated according to SOJOGO’s and the relevant Payment Service Provider’s internal criteria, will your Player Account be credited with such funds (unless otherwise stated).

8.10. Deposited funds do not bear interest. SOJOGO is not a financial institution.

8.11. Where SOJOGO has credited amounts to a Player’s Account in connection with a promotional campaign, the Player may only use this amount to place bets on Placard.co.mz. This amount cannot be withdrawn except under the specific terms and conditions of the promotional campaign. We reserve the right to reclaim this amount if you do not use it to place one or more bets on Placard.co.mz during the period set out in the promotion.

8.12. The amount credited to your Player Account cannot be transferred to another Player Account of another Placard.co.mz user.


9.1 Without limiting anything else herein contained please refer to our Betting Rules.

9.2 At the time of accepting and registering a bet the player has access to unambiguous information about the bet, such as the date and time of the sporting event, the bet type, the prognosis, the total amount of the bet, the date and time of the bet acceptance and the stake amount with an indication of the possible prize amount in case the bet wins.

9.3 The minimum stake for single bets is 1,20. Quotas lower than 1.20 can be selected as long as the final stake of the multi bet is equal or higher than 1.20.

9.4 The presentation of statistics, information and indications about competitions, events and results, whether live or initiated, are to be considered as guidelines and hypothetical only and are not elements on which the Player must or can base his wagering decision. It is the responsibility of the Player to verify through official sources the information related to the bet in question.

9.5 The minimum amount for any bet is 1,00 MZN (one metical).

9.6 The Player acknowledges and agrees that the maximum amount he can win, in a single or multiple sports bet, is MZN 3.000.000,00 (three million meticals).

9.7 The maximum and minimum amount allowed for all sports bets is set by SOJOGO, who reserves the right to change it without prior notice. In addition, SOJOGO also reserves the right to impose specific limits on certain events or markets at any time.

9.8 If a Player places a bet, the amount of which exceeds the stake or possible winnings limit set by the Player or the SOJOGO, the Gaming System will not accept the Player’s bet and will inform the Player prior to the placement of such a bet.

9.9. If the Player placed several identical bets (single bets or single or multiple combination bets) whose winnings exceed the pre-fixed limits of winnings, either per bet, event or mode the Gaming System will not accept your bets and will inform you prior to the placement of such a bet.

9.10. Any Stake placed by Player shall be deemed to be an authorization to debit the Player Account. Provided that the balance of your Player Account at the time the Stake is placed is greater than or equal to the amount of the Stake, SOJOGO will debit your Player Account in the amount of the Stake.

9.11. Communication failures may occur. All online bets will be confirmed by the message “Bet confirmed” and can be viewed in the “My account” section. The acceptance and registration of the bet will be available for consultation by the player through his account until the official results and standings of the competition or sporting event are declared.

9.12. SOJOGO is not liable if the submitted bets are not confirmed by the gambling platform as described above. If a bet is not confirmed as described above, please contact us to resolve the situation. However, for all purposes, the bet is not deemed to have been placed until it is confirmed and available for viewing in the Player Account.

9.13. Bets are only confirmed when received on SOJOGO’s servers. If there is an interruption in communication after placing a bet and it has been received on the server, the bet is still considered valid. The Player will be informed that the Bet has been accepted when communication is re-established, at which point the bet may have already been used. The Player will receive information about the outcome of the placed bet. If the Bet is not received on server, it will not be considered and the stake will not be deducted from your Player Account.


10.1 The Player may, at any time, request the withdrawal of the balance or part of the balance of his Player Account, in which case SOJOGO will order the respective transfer to the Payment Account nominated and owned by the Player, within 48 hours, as established by Applicable Law.

10.2 Having been indicated more than one Payment Account, the transfers of balance of the Player Account are preferably made to the Payment Account used to make the deposit.

10.3 The existing balance in the Player Account can only be transferred to the Payment Account nominated by the Player when the identity of the Player and ownership of the Payment Account is verified by SOJOGO, under the Applicable Law. Player will be regularly reminded to provide such legally required evidence if Player fails to do so at registration or upon first deposit.

10.4 It is the obligation of the Player to prove ownership of the Payment Account he indicates at registration at the time of the first deposit or any other Payment Account he subsequently indicates.

10.5 Any transfer of funds from the Player Account shall be made by means of bank transfer or any other method available and accepted by SOJOGO. If the method used for deposit does not allow the option of withdrawal, the withdrawal shall be transferred to the Payment Account indicated by the Player at the time of Registration or to another indicated later, provided that he has demonstrated ownership

10.6 Whenever the Player wishes to change (add or substitute) the details of a Payment Account, the Player must provide a copy of the document proving the ownership of such Payment Account, otherwise such changes shall not be accepted and, consequently, the Player’s withdrawal request shall not be processed to the new Payment Account indicated by the Player. SOJOGO will only add or replace a Payment Account once the ownership is proven.

10.7 The Player may cancel the withdrawal request up to the moment he receives confirmation of the transfer order from the SOJOGO.

10.8 The Player Account is not to be used or treated as a bank account.


11.1 The Player Account may be suspended which shall render impossible any kind of gaming operation or movement of the Player Account, with the exception of withdrawals, at the initiative of SOJOGO for the reasons set out in Applicable Legislation and these Terms and Conditions.

11.2 The Player Account may also be closed by (i) termination of the Player’s gaming contract at the initiative of Player or (ii) by cancellation of Player’s registration based on Player’s self-exclusion for an indefinite period of time or (iii) because the maximum period of time provided for the suspension of the Player Account has elapsed uninterruptedly.

11.3 In the event of termination of the Player contract at the initiative of Player, the User may at any time cancel his Player Account by contacting Customer Support. Upon closure of their Player Account, SOJOGO will return the balance of the Player Account to the Payment Account nominated and owned by the Player within 48 hours.

11.4 There may also be deactivation of the Player Account, an action that determines the closure of the Player Account, at the initiative of SOJOGO for the reasons set out in Applicable Legislation and these Terms and Conditions, namely

  • (a) when a judicial prohibition to play is imposed on the player. The deactivation of the Player Account produces effect from the date on which SOJOGO is notified of the decision. SOJOGO will, in this case, transfer the available balance in the Player Account to the Payment Account nominated and owned by the Player within 48 hours. The deactivation of the Player Account prevents the Player from conducting any gaming operations, but does not prevent the Player from accessing the information contained in his Player Account, and should contact Customer Support for this purpose.
  • (b) In case of death of the Player. In this case, SOJOGO will deactivate the Player Account once it has knowledge of the fact and transfer the balance of the Player Account to the Payment Account nominated and owned by him, within three days from the date on which the death certificate is presented.

11.5. Following a cancellation of registration or account under the Applicable Law, and in the absolute impossibility of ordering the transfer of the balance of the Player Account to the Payment Account nominated and owned by the Player, within 48 hours, due to lack of cooperation from the Player in presenting the documents necessary to validate the Payment Account, and after exhausting all possibilities of obtaining the data necessary to transfer the balance of the Player’s account, will be addressed to the Player an effective interpellation, by email or post, in order to inform him of the need to provide again the indispensable data for the balance transfer and, simultaneously, expressly warn, that if it ignores the request made, within 6 (six) months from the sending of that interpellation, the balance of the Player Account will revert to an institution of the social sector, with the respective qualification recognized of public utility. If the request for cancellation of registration or Player Account occurs with open bets, and in the event of there still being a balance in the Player Account, the Player shall be summoned, in the first instance, at the time of the request for cancellation of registration or Player Account, and if the open bets generate a change of balance without the Player having cooperated during this period in submitting the documents necessary to validate the Payment Account, the Player shall be summoned again at the time of closing the last open bet.

11.6 Whenever SOJOGO deactivates, suspends or cancels the Player Account, it will notify the Player in writing, preferably by email to the email address provided at registration, indicating the reasons and effects and, if applicable, the amount of the balance to be transferred from the Player Account to the respective Payment Account.

11.7 For exceptional reasons, duly substantiated – and when legally provided, previously communicated to the Regulator – the transfers provided for in the preceding paragraphs may be delayed when SOJOGO

  • (a) Has to verify the ownership of the Payment Account and the Player has not sent the necessary supporting documents; and/or
  • (a) Has to verify the ownership of the Payment Account and the Player has not sent the necessary supporting documents; and/or

12.1 SOJOGO reserves the right, without cause or justification, to

  • (a) refuse to register any applicant on its Placard.co.mz or the Gaming System if there is any legal impediment to such registration;
  • (b) refuse to accept any participation in the Gaming System, in particular to suspend the acceptance of bets in cases provided for in the Applicable Legislation or in these Terms and Conditions
  • (c) Change, suspend, remove, modify or add any game or tournament at any time that is available in the Gaming System;
  • (d) Suspend a Player’s registration if a Player has not accessed the Player Account uninterruptedly for two years;
  • (e) Terminate registration as provided for by Applicable Law and these Terms and Conditions;
  • (f) Suspend the Player Account where there is suspicion of association with money laundering or terrorist financing. The suspension in this case produces immediate effect and lasts until the date on which the suspicion is resolved or in which occurs the cancellation of the Player Account by expiration of time or its deactivation by decision of the competent authorities. SOJOGO will communicate to the Regulator, under the terms foreseen in the Applicable Legislation, the facts mentioned above, accompanied by the evidence collected, within 24 hours from the date it became aware of them, without prejudice to compliance with the legislation that establishes the preventive and repressive measures to combat money laundering and financing of terrorism.
  • (g) Perform checks and queries related to the Player in national and international databases.

12.2 Within the legal and regulatory limits, SOJOGO may transfer, assign or sub-license this Game Platform and the respective Agreement to a Third Party, without prior notice. By accepting these Terms and Conditions the Player is consenting to such transfer.


14.1 SOJOGO complies with the legal principles of data protection, regarding the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, and other specific legislation approved in this area, as well as the specificities of IGJ. See our Privacy and Cookies Policy. The request to create a Player Account means accepting, within the limits set out in the Privacy and Cookies Policy, the processing of your Personal Data.

14.2. The Personal Data collected at the time of the conclusion of this Agreement and during its execution, will be subject to processing by SOJOGO as responsible for the treatment, being legally necessary for the conclusion of this Agreement, not being able SOJOGO, in case of refusal by the Player, to proceed with the conclusion of the Agreement and, as such, establish the commercial relationship.

14.3 The Players who register on Placard.co.mz are subject to automated decisions at the time of registration with the purpose of verifying the identity, in order to increase the security and reliability of verification and to make the process faster, thus allowing the game activity to begin more securely. This mechanism for verification and validation of the data entered is defined and made available under the terms of the Applicable Legislation, and operates by consulting the databases of the public entity. This automated validation comprises a technical and technological solution for direct communication properly integrated in the system and that meets the legal requirements defined, relating to the technical requirements of the technical system for online gambling. The player concerned will be informed when the validation by automated decision is not possible or has failed, following the procedures of manual validation by SOJOGO. Thus, during the registration process of a Player Account, there will either be an automated validation or, if the validation fails, the registration continues and the User needs to send the documentation to SOJOGO so that it can be validated manually; if the validation is positive, the registration continues and the Player may make use of his/her Player Account.

14.4 SOJOGO will collect, record, organize, structure, store, adapt or alter, retrieve, query, use, disclose by transmission, dissemination or otherwise make available, compare or interconnect, limit or anonymize such Personal Data in the manner and for the purposes best described in our Privacy and Cookies Policy.

14.5 For further details of our Privacy and Cookies Policy see our Privacy and Cookies Policy on the side menu of Placard.co.mz, subject to the information set out below.

14.6 The persons authorized in the exercise of their functions to access the Players Personal Data are obliged to professional secrecy, even after the end of their functions.

14.7 SOJOGO is also legally obliged to preserve all information collected through interaction with the Player for a period of 10 years.

14.8 Under the terms of the Legislation on the Protection of Personal Data, and in line with the gaming activity, the data subject has, in particular, the right of access, the right to rectification or erasure, the right to limitation of processing, the right to oppose processing and the right to data portability. The data subject also has the right to withdraw consent to data processing at any time. You can manage your data by logging into your Player Account or by contacting Customer Support.

14.9 We remind you that Applicable Law does not allow the modification of information relating to date and place of birth, civil ID number and tax number.

14.10. SOJOGO shall be entitled in certain circumstances to disclose your Personal Data to the relevant competent authorities (governmental, administrative or other) where required by applicable law and to the strict extent provided by law. In particular, your Personal Data may be disclosed to the Inspectorate General of Gaming and any other competent authority for control and supervision purposes. SOJOGO may also transmit your Personal Data in connection with its legal obligations to prevent and combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism.


15.1. Player acknowledges that SOJOGO does not control and assumes no responsibility for Player’s use of the Platform – such use is at Player’s own risk. SOJOGO or its business partners do not, within the legal limits of applicable law, assume any liability in connection with such use.

15.2 Under no circumstances shall SOJOGO or the software provider be liable to the Player or any third party for any direct or indirect, incidental or intentional damages of any kind, including, without limitation, loss of business, profits, revenues, contracts or for damages and injury resulting from loss or corruption of any data, whether or not SOJOGO has been notified in advance of such possible loss or damage when caused by events that occurred involuntarily or independently of SOJOGO’s will.

15.3 Notwithstanding any other limitation of liability provision in this Agreement, neither SOJOGO, the Software Provider nor any related entity shall be liable for any losses, costs or damages (howsoever arising) arising or alleged to arise out of or caused by any of the following:

  • (a) any error due to the entry of incorrect information by the Player;
  • (b) Any fraud, deception or misrepresentation by the Player;
  • (c) Any decision not to accept a Deposit from the Player;
  • (d) Any delay in SOJOGO’s receipt or acceptance of a Deposit or withholding of a withdrawal in order to carry out legally required verification procedures;
  • (e) Use of your Player Account for purposes that may be considered illegal under applicable laws;
  • (f) Any transactions in your Player Account which are conducted after the correct entry of your “Username” and “Password”;
  • (g) Any unauthorized interception or use of data relating to Player or his Player Account;
  • (h) Any inability of the Player to use or access Placard.co.mz for whatever reason;
  • (i) Any actions or transactions by a third party using the Player’s Username and Password;
  • (j) Any cause over which SOJOGO has no direct control, including problems attributable to computer hardware or software (including computer viruses and including the Software), data transmission systems, telephone or other communications or internet service providers;
  • (k) The loss of any transactions caused by the loss or malfunction of any communication device used by the Player or any entity transmitting information between the Player, SOJOGO or any other Payment Service Provider
  • (l) Any undelivered email communications;
  • (m) The quality or unavailability of Placard.co.mz; or
  • (n) Any result of administrative or legislative act or any event of force majeure.


16.1. SOJOGO reserves the right to modify and update these Terms and Conditions, including, but not limited to, the Privacy and Cookies Policy and the Betting Rules at any time by alerting Player to the existence of an updated version and requesting further acceptance of its terms. Amendments are binding and shall become effective upon express acceptance by Player.

16.2. SOJOGO advises regular consultation of the Terms and Conditions of Use.


17.1. This Agreement comes into force and becomes binding from the moment the Player accepts it by clicking on the “Register” button and remains in force for an indefinite period of time and may be suspended or cancelled pursuant to this Agreement and the Applicable Legislation.

17.2. The Player is, for clarification purposes, bound by this Agreement if he uses the Game System or Placard.co.mz in any way, including, but not limited to, entering the Platform or making a deposit through his Player Account.


18.1 For all disputes related to the pre-contractual negotiation, adhesion, interpretation and execution of this contract or resulting from it, with the exception of disputes concerning the fulfillment of obligations, the Mozambican legislation is competent, without prejudice to imperative legal norm that imposes another.

18.2 The illegality, invalidity or enforceability of any provision of this Agreement shall not affect the legality, validity or enforceability of the other provisions of this Agreement.


19.1 Player may contact SOJOGO at any time with questions or whenever Player needs assistance. To provide a better service and for Your protection, telephone conversations and other recorded communications may be recorded.

19.2 By accepting the present Terms and Conditions, the Player agrees to receive communications from SOJOGO in electronic form. Electronic communications may be conducted by various means, including through Placard.co.mz pages and/or messages/help areas and/or delivered to your email, as appropriate and as decided by SOJOGO.

19.3 Notifications must be made in writing to the SOJOGO.


20.1 All Customer Support related questions or complaints will be acknowledged and responded to promptly. SOJOGO will keep a record of the communications received and the actions and/or measures taken as a result thereof.

20.2 Any complaints regarding your Player Account history or balance must be made within fourteen (14) days from the moment the information is published on Placard.co.mz.

20.3 For this purpose, you may contact us by e-mail at apoio@placard.co.mz or through our Customer Support service.