About Us

Placard.co.mz is the online sports betting and gaming brand of SOJOGO (Social Gaming Management Association of Mozambique).

SOJOGO is a Mozambican non-profit entity, created in partnership between ELAM (Empresa de Lotarias e Apostas Mútuas de Moçambique) and SCML (Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa), to whom is entrusted the management of Lottery and Betting operation in Mozambique.

The current structure of SOJOGO is made up of the following entities that receive the income from the exploitation of the games: ELAM (Empresa de Lotarias e Apostas Mútuas de Moçambique, E.E. ), FURJOGO (Gaming Revenue Fund), FDC (Community Development Fund), FLM (Lurdes Mutola Foundation), FPD (Sports Promotion Fund), INAS (National Institute for Social Action), FUNDAC (National Culture Fund), ADEMO (Association of the Disabled of Mozambique), AJZM (Association of the Zoo of Mozambique), AMRU (Mozambican Association for the Development of Rural Women) and SCML (Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Lisbon). This structure allows the entities to focus on the pursuit of social activities, which are their true mission, by freeing them from the heavy daily responsibilities inherent in managing the exploitation of the games.

Samora Machel, 11-1º, in Maputo, and our network of agents extends throughout the country.

SOJOGO’s mission is to responsibly manage the operation of amusement games, generating revenue exclusively for the financing of social entities in Mozambique.

Thus, our objective is to offer an innovative and dynamic games portfolio, focused on our players and generalize our offer to the whole Mozambican territory, making Placard.co.mz a true bet in Mozambique.


Welcome to Placard.co.mz – HOJE TEM JOGO.