Responsible Gaming is committed to promoting moderate gaming habits, in a safe and transparent environment, as well as stimulating calm, relaxed and positive gaming experiences in the online world.

In this way, we have implemented a policy of Responsible Gaming that is careful and focused on the well-being of our players.

At, players will find tools to:

  1. identify and validate their age, as only players over 18 can play;
  2. Maintain complete control over their gaming activity, easily accessing their complete transaction, withdrawal and deposit history through the “My Account” section. Your balance is always available through “My Account” and the homepage;
  3. Set your daily, weekly or monthly limits for deposit, stake and loss amounts;
  4. Request temporary or permanent removal via the self-exclusion option, preventing your access to your account for the period determined by you. During the relevant period, you will not receive any promotional material and no advertisements.

Responsible Gaming Recommendations

In order to create healthy gaming habits, we recommend:

  • – Inform yourself of the specifics, rules and characteristics of the games and bets available before you start playing;
  • – Set from the start maximum daily, weekly and monthly deposit values, always playing moderately;
  • – Keep in mind the maximum daily, monthly and weekly losses that you are willing to support, not exceeding the defined values;
  • – Control your spending and gaming habits by regularly checking your Player Account history;
  • – Do not play to recover what you have lost;
  • – Do not borrow money to play;
  • – Do not exceed the budget you have set for this type of entertainment and do not use money intended for essential goods and for the maintenance of your personal and family life;
  • – Do not gamble in order to solve problems, seek financial success or as a way of abstracting yourself from reality;
  • – Avoid playing if you are tired or under the effect of substances which in any way limit your capacities;
  • – Face the game as a form of entertainment and leisure.

SOJOGO recommends the customization of limits in your Player Account. gives you the possibility to set deposit, bet and loss limits in order to better control your gaming activity. Setting limits is an important principle to ensure healthy gaming habits and the pleasure of playing.

You can set deposit, bet and loss limits which can be daily (24 hours), weekly (7 days) or monthly (one month). Alternatively, you can set a combination of these limits for greater control.

For daily limits, the counter is reset every day at 00:00, for weekly limits at 00:00 every Monday and for monthly limits at 00:00 on the first day of each month.


We advise you to set a deposit limit when you register on

If you have not yet set these limits, you can set them under “My account” in the “Responsible gaming” section.

If a daily limit is set and then a weekly limit is set which is lower than that, the latter will remain in force and the daily limit will be cancelled when the weekly limit is reached. If the weekly limit is set higher than the daily limit, the total value of the player’s deposits cannot exceed the weekly limit.

The same applies to monthly limits. If a monthly limit is set lower than any other limit (daily or weekly), the latter will be cancelled and only the monthly limit will remain in force. In the case of deposits, if the monthly limit is lower than the other limits, the total value of the player’s deposits cannot exceed the monthly limit.


The set limits remain active until the player changes them. The introduction of more restrictive limits will be done immediately. If less restrictive limits are requested, they will be applied after 24 hours.


The limits apply to all your gaming activity on This means that the limits apply to the Player Account and take into consideration all the player’s activity both in Sportsbetting and in other games. For example, if a daily loss limit is set, then the accumulated losses from Sports Bets and from other Games will be taken into account. Should the player win a Sports Wager or get lucky in the remaining games, these winnings will count towards that day’s loss limit.


SOJOGO understands gaming as a form of entertainment and pleasure that should result from a conscious choice of the Player.

In order to keep informed and aware of your spending and gaming habits, has additional tools that allow the player to have greater control over his gaming activities.


Game history

In your Player Account, you can also, at any time, view your account history, the transactions you have made and your existing balance.

You may also request a statement of all your Player Account transactions for the past 12 months by emailing


Pause Period Option provides the Player with a pause mechanism that allows him to suspend his gaming activity at any time for a short period of time: 24 hours, one week or 4 (four) weeks.

The possibility to play is automatically reactivated when this period is over.  The Pause period is not revocable.


You may contact our Customer Support team should you require assistance or have any questions on this matter.


Self-Exclusion Option

Should the player feel the need to suspend the game activity for a longer period of time, SOJOGO gives you the following options:

  • – Time-limited self-exclusion, whereby you may choose, via your Player Account, a specific date until which your self-exclusion will be maintained for a minimum of 3 months.
  • – Indefinite self-exclusion.

To communicate the desire to self-exclude, the Player may do so directly on, through his Player Account.

In the case of Time-limited self-exclusion:

During the self-exclusion period, the Player Account is suspended. Player may log-in, but will be unable to play and deposit and will not receive any commercial communication from SOJOGO during the defined period. The Player may, however, directly access his account history or request a withdrawal of funds from his Player Account.

In the event of an Indefinite Self-Exclusion:

Upon completion of the request, the Player Account will be cancelled. To access your account history you must make a request to Customer Support, either by phone, chat or email. The available balance in your Player Account will be transferred to the Payment Account provided in the Player Account within 48 hours, provided the account has been verified and validated.

The minimum self-exclusion period is three months.

If you have reported a self-exclusion for a longer period you may request, at any time, that it be revoked. Revocation of the self-exclusion shall only become effective one month after it has been requested, and after the minimum legal period of three months of self-exclusion has elapsed. You can request the revocation of the self-exclusion directly on or via our Customer Service.

The odds sports bets accepted and registered by the operator prior to the suspension or cancellation of the player’s account, for whatever reason, are settled when the outcome is known, determined by checking the prediction against the official results and rankings of the competitions and/or sports events.

In situations where at the time of cancellation of player’s account there are unresolved bets accepted and registered prior to that, SOJOGO, without prejudice to the immediate effects of cancellation associated with the player (i.e. the inability to perform any gaming operations), will transfer the amount eventually won for the same payment account, indicated and owned by the player, being the account verified and validated. is forbidden to persons under 18 years of age.


If any minor person attempts to register a Player Account on, or assists any minor person in registering a Player Account on our, is in violation of our Terms & Conditions and Applicable Laws.

Be responsible and take precautions if you live with minors.


The following instructions can help Player protect his Player Account:

  • Keep your login details secure and under no circumstances share this information with any third party;
  • Confirm that the password save function on the login page and windows is not active;
  • Avoid sharing personal data such as your citizen card, credit card or bank account details and storing the same on platforms you do not trust;

We are available for any clarification or additional information regarding SOJOGO’s Responsible Gaming Policy or the Responsible Gaming tools that makes available to Player.

We can help you customize your Player Account to your preferences and help you enjoy playing.  

For additional information, please contact Customer Support via phone, social media or email: